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Department Introduction
The department has an undergraduate program as well as a graduate program. The graduate program is the first institute set up to integrate the fields of finance and information in Taiwan. Curriculum design combines financial knowledge and information skills. All students are required to have certifications in bank management, insurance management, and stock trading. All students in undergraduate or graduate programs are training in basic programming skills, including Python, VBA, and C#, etc. Fintech is now the new goals for this department to design the courses.

The Aims of Education

The goal of our program is to deliver the high-quality financial management education with information technology training to the business students in a dynamic environment.

Department Features

The program provides an innovative curriculum of advanced study and research that builds a strong foundation in the principles and practices of finance and information. We have three features for students to develop their skills.
    1. Financial information skills: This program provides programming design course, financial database analysis, financial/economic big data analysis, and data science with data visualization.
    2. Financial internationalization: This program had more than 17 international students from 7 countries. We encourage international students to join this program to learn financial management and Fintech.
    3. Financial practices with business management: This program invites senior managers from bank, insurance companies, or stock investment companies to teach case study in investment management. 

Career Directions

Many students select careers in insurance, commercial and investment banking, or financial managers for corporations. Our alumni  are  including  CEO in financial institutions, senior managers in banking,   fund managers in Taiwan top 5 investment banking, and  government officials in Ministry of Finance in Taiwan.